Cardiology Board Review and Self-Assessment: A Companion Guide to Hurst's the Heart, 14e

Mark J. Eisenberg, Jonathan Afilalo, Jacqueline E. Joza, Ravi Karra, Patrick R. Lawler
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Cardiovascular Disease: Past, Present, and Future
Foundations of Cardiovascular Medicine
Evaluation of the Patient
Systemic Arterial Hypertension
Metabolic Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease
Cigarette Smoking and Cardiovascular Disease
Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease
Valvular Heart Disease
Congenital Heart Disease
Myocardial, Pericardial, and Endocardial Diseases
Heart Failure
Cardiopulmonary Disease
Rhythm and Conduction Disorders
Diseases of the Great Vessels and Peripheral Vessels
Miscellaneous Conditions and Cardiovascular Disease
Populations and Social Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease