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Study Tips/How to Use These Flashcards


The flashcards are meant to be engaging. Look at the questions on the front, then answer them in your head. If a question has more than one blank line, answer each one of them in your head. Then, and only then, glance at the bottom where you will see the answer to that question. Try not to accidentally peak at the next answers (I tried to space them out to reduce this from happening). Try to memorize the answers and then turn the card over where you will find the detailed content regarding that topic. We took the high-yield information likely to be tested and certainly important to know in practice, took out the fluff, and put it into the flashcards.


Carry the flashcards with you everywhere. Use them over and over again…and then again. Use them while working, while commuting, while exercising, while in the bathroom, while complaining, and while partying! The exam is straightforward; know the Class I and Class III indications for therapies in the guidelines. We have highlighted them for you in the flashcards. I still recommend taking a traditional board review course, while using these flashcards as your main study tool to memorize the high-yield material for the multiple-choice portion of the exam.