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We are pleased to present this fourth edition of Nuclear Cardiology: Practical Applications. We have undertaken substantial revisions, emphasizing recent changes in technology as well as the contemporary clinical applications of nuclear cardiology. We have provided insight as to future directions of the field, delineating where this important imaging modality is positioned in current-day clinical practice, especially in the setting of multi-modality imaging. We have greatly expanded information regarding positron emission tomography, including an entire chapter on the assessment of myocardial blood flow. Each chapter now features a table of key points and many of the tables and figures have been updated and expanded. We believe these help in the learning process as well as providing easy referencing key pieces of information. For your personal knowledge assessment, especially for preparation for credentialing examinations, we have provided a multitude of questions with detailed answers related to each chapter, found at the end of the book.

This fourth edition is ideally suited for trainees and early-career professionals both radiologists and cardiologists. Additionally, this book should be very useful for technologists and healthcare professionals involved in decision-making for testing procedures.

We are grateful to the contributors who have done an outstanding job updating and expanding the book and its value. We hope that you find the fourth edition of Nuclear Cardiology: Practical Applications useful and that it will be a focal point for your nuclear cardiology education. To this end, it is our goal to assist in the improvement of nuclear cardiology practice and to benefit the patients for which we care.

Gary V. Heller
Robert C. Hendel

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