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Presently, the world is faced with the most challenging pandemic of the modern era, that of severe acute respiratory syndrome 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection which causes coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This first edition of our textbook COVID-19 and the Heart: A Case-Based Pocket Guide was developed as a unique and practical means to assist healthcare workers actively engaged in this ongoing pandemic. We constructed the text as user friendly as possible by utilizing a personal conversation style of writing.

This book is essentially a user’s manual to guide the medical practitioner in making adequate clinical judgement quickly with respect to the cardiac manifestations of COVID-19 disease. The book is divided into chapters based on genuine clinical cases with a proposed approach for each case.

To help orient and to prevent excessive details to the reader, we added several key points at the end of each case complementing and highlighting the major points throughout the clinical content with the intention of allowing an easier and quicker review.

It is our goal that this book will serve as an effective teaching tool in the recognition and management of the cardiac sequelae due to COVID-19 disease.

We hope that you enjoy this book and find it useful.

Muhammad Saad, MD
Timothy J. Vittorio, MS, MD

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