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To my wife Bonnie, my constant source of love and support for over 50 years.

To my sons David and Daniel, whose lives have filled me with pride and joy, and their wives, Malia and Beth, who are the daughters we never had.

And for my grandchildren, Dylan, Laila, Amber, and Noah, who always bring boundless joy and sunshine into our lives.

And in loving memory of my parents, Drs. Rose and Milton Prystowsky, compassionate physicians who taught me that being a physician is not a gift to be wasted.

—Eric N. Prystowsky, MD


To my wife and best friend, Klara.

To my son Ben and daughter-in-law Elissa and their children Adam, Leah, Beth, and Talya, and to my daughter Anna and son-in-law Mark and their children Lucy, Nate, and Sari, who are all my real source of pride and joy.

To the memory of my unselfish and giving parents, Paul and Clara.

—George J. Klein, MD


To the memory of my late parents, Dr. James J. Daubert and Irene M. Daubert, recognizing their inspiration for and support of my education.

To my wife Amy for her tremendous support and wise counsel throughout my medical career.

And to our children, Patrick, Thomas (MD), Mairin, and James.

—James P. Daubert, MD

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