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Cardiology Board Review and Self-Assessment is an all-inclusive study guide written to complement the 14th Edition of Hurst’s The Heart. Edited by Drs. Valentin Fuster, Robert A. Harrington, Jagat Narula, and Zubin J. Eapen, the 14th Edition of Hurst’s The Heart is an exhaustive and thorough state-of-the-art review of the entire field of cardiovascular medicine.

Cardiology Board Review contains over 1100 questions and answers presented in a multiple-choice format. Each of the 112 chapters of Hurst’s The Heart is represented in Cardiology Board Review with 10 multiple-choice questions. Detailed answers are provided for each question including not only an explanation of why the correct answer is correct but also why incorrect answers are incorrect. Questions and answers correspond to appropriate sections of Hurst’s The Heart and include tables, figures, and references. The more than 1100 questions presented in Cardiology Board Review span the depth and breadth of the fascinating field of cardio­vascular medicine.

Cardiology Board Review is designed to be a study guide for individuals preparing to take the Subspecialty Examination in Cardiovascular Disease given by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Thus, Cardiology Board Review will be of particular interest to cardiology fellows preparing to take the board examination for the first time and for practicing cardiologists preparing to take the board examination as part of their recertification process. Cardiology Board Review will also be of interest to medical students, residents, fellows, practicing physicians, and other health care professionals who wish to advance their knowledge of cardiovascular medicine.

The current generation of health care professionals increasingly obtains their knowledge from nontraditional formats. To that end, Cardiology Board Review and Self-Assessment is available in multiple electronic formats in addition to the traditional print format. The book will be available in print, e-book, and online on McGraw-Hill Education’s cardiology web site at

It has been my distinct pleasure to work with four coauthors while preparing Cardiology Board Review: Drs. Jonathan Afilalo, Jacqueline E. Joza, Ravi Karra, and Patrick R. Lawler. Each of us contributed original questions and answers corresponding to our particular areas of expertise. We would like to thank the members of the editorial and production departments at McGraw-Hill Education with whom we worked, including Karen Edmonson, Robert Pancotti, and Shivani Salhotra. We would also like to acknowledge the contributions and assistance of a number of other individuals, including Maria L. Alcaraz, Emmanuel E. Egom, Inna Ermeichouk, Caroline Franck, and Sarah B. Windle. Finally, on behalf of myself and my coauthors, we would like to express thanks to our families and colleagues for their encouragement and forbearance during the many months it took to prepare this study guide.

Taking care of patients with cardiovascular disease is an honor and a privilege. Many of these patients have life-threatening conditions that require advanced knowledge and highly technical skills. It is our responsibility, as health care professionals, to ensure that our knowledge and skills match the needs of our patients. It is our hope that you will find Cardiology Board Review and Self-Assessment to be an essential and valuable tool in your study of the ever expanding and always fascinating field of cardiovascular medicine.

Mark J. Eisenberg, MD, MPH

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