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Special appreciation is given to Dr. Arthur E. Fass, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) at New York Medical College and Chief of Cardiology at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center. Dr. Fass reviewed and interpreted each electrocardiogram and was the major contributor to and editor of the section on diagnostic criteria that opens this text.

I wish to thank Dr. James Levy, Director of the Electrocardiography Laboratory, Westchester Medical Center; Dr. Carmine Sorbera, Director of the Electrophysiology Laboratory, Westchester Medical Center; and the late, Dr. Julian Frieden, former Chief of Cardiology, Sound Shore Medical Center, for their review of the electrocardiograms for the first edition of this book.

The clerical and nursing staffs of Phelps Memorial Hospital Center, Westchester Medical Center, and Sound Shore Medical Center were instrumental in collecting the electrocardiographic tracings.

I also wish to thank Darlene Cooke and the staff at McGraw-Hill for their efforts during this project.

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