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This book is arranged in a progressive manner, starting with basic concepts and increasing in complexity with the study of arrhythmias on Days 5–8. The final two chapters cover miscellaneous topics and an introduction to electronic pacemakers. I suggest that the reader study the text and illustrations for each day in depth, and then interpret the electrocardiograms at the end of each chapter. The 100 tracings at the end of the text can be used to test one's understanding of all of the material, particularly prior to taking examinations.

Be systematic! Use the protocol suggested at the end of Day 1 and follow it rigorously. Using a system has two benefits: it forces the interpreter to be thorough and not overlook diagnoses, and it promotes organization of thought which will likely lead to a diagnosis.

Since this text represents the efforts of many collaborators and should be considered a work in progress; suggestions for future editions would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at:

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