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Our goal with this textbook on peripheral arterial disease is to make it a reference which crosses disciplines. The comprehensive approach of this text and each outstanding chapter is truly a reflection of the efforts of all the contributing authors. We sincerely appreciate their hard work and contribution to this reference.

To many, peripheral arterial disease represents only diseases (mainly atherosclerotic) of the lower extremities.We have, however, decided to use a broader definition of peripheral arterial disease, to reflect extracardiac arterial diseases. This is a more encompassing definition, designed to allow a discussion of arterial diseases in multiple arterial beds.We recognize that some readers, including us at times, wish to restrict this term to the lower extremities.

We have intentionally not attempted to draw strict borders between chapters. Such distinctions are neither practical nor how we approach diseases and patients. The textbook attempts to regionalize arterial diseases, but we recognize the significant overlap of diseases and thus some chapters will cover topics that are also found in other chapters. Furthermore, although this book is centered around diseases of the arterial circulations, there are obviously areas and diseases that overlap with lymphatic, venous, and other diseases, and these are discussed when appropriate.

Finally, we hope that the reader, of any discipline, finds this textbook useful. We greatly appreciate the assistance of the staff at McGraw-Hill.

Robert S. Dieter, MD, RVT

Raymond A. Dieter Jr., MD, MS

Raymond A. Dieter III, MD

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